Program for May

May 12, 2021 /Thursday/  

18.30 hours      Hall “M-ro G.Atanasov

Conductor: Jeisson German Segura-Herrera – Colombia

Soloist: Camilo Sánchez Gómez


L. van Beethoven – Coriolanus Overture

W.A. Mozart – Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 3 – G Major – K. 216

L. van Beethoven – Symphony №4, in B flat major, op.60


Jeisson German Segura-Herrera 

Colombian conductor and singer Jeisson German Segura Herrera began his musical career as a
trumpet player in the symphonic band of the INEM Kennedy high school in Bogotá and later studied
two Bachelor’s degrees, one in vocal performance and the other in Orchestra Conducting at the
Conservatory of Music of the National University of Colombia. At the age of sixteen he began
conducting during his studies at the INEM Kennedy high school. Currently he has a Master of Arts in
Music: Orchestra Conducting from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Lucerne
(Hochschule Luzern) in the class of Professor Clemens Heil and Choral Conducting with Professor
Ulrike Grosch. He has been an exchange student at the University of Music and Performing Arts
Vienna (Austria) in the orchestral conducting class of Prof. Simeon Pironkov (2020), and as a singer
at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique de Danse de Lyon (France) in the class of Prof. Nicholas
Isherwood and Isabelle Germain (2017) and choir conducting with Emmanuel Robin. He has
participated in master classes with conductors such as Simeon Pironkov, Jaime Wolfson, Catherine
Larsen-Maguire, Mark Laycock, Frank De Vuyst, Dietmar Wiedmann (RIP), Tetsuo Kagehira and
Libardo Saavedra, among others. Jeisson Segura-Herrera has conducted ensembles such as the
Berlin Sinfonietta, Lucerne Festival Strings, Orchestra and choir of the Hochschule Luzern,
Zentralschweizer Jugendsinfonieorchester ZJSO, the Youth Philharmonic Band of the Philharmonic
Orchestra of Bogotá, Campus UN Orchestra , Contemporary Nova Orchestra of the conservatory of
the National University of Colombia, Camerata Olav Roots, Symphonic Band of the National
University of Colombia, Symphonic Band of FEMUSC Festival, among others. From 2018 to 2019 he
was Artistic Director and Conductor of the Amateur UN Campus Orchestra of the National University
of Colombia (Colombia). He has been awarded the following scholarships: scholarship for a talented
student of the Hochschule Luzern – Musik by the Hadfy Foundation (2020), COLFUTURO Scholarship,
an initiative of financial support for Colombian professionals, with academic excellence, who have
the desire to expand their career with master’s or doctoral studies in the best universities abroad,
and also awarded as the best degree work of the Bachelor of Music with emphasis in Conducting of
the National University of Colombia 2021.

Camilo Sánchez Gómez

Camilo begann sein Studium bei Fredy Muñoz Navarro in Kolumbien mit Batuta, dem
nationalen Orchestersystem. Danach studierte er weiter bei Antonia Kapitanova im
Nationalen Konservaturium an der Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá. In Europa
schloss er sein Studium am Vorarlberger Landeskonservatorium bei Editha Fetz im
Konzertfach ab. Derzeit studiert er bei Daniel Dodds an der Musikhochschule Luzern.
Während des Studiums in Kolumbien, hat er in verschiedenen Orchestern in Kolumbien
mitgewirkt. Darunter unter anderem die Sinfonica nacional de Colombia, die Filarmonica de
Bogota, Sinfonica de Bogotá, sowie als Mitglied der Filarmonica Joven de Colombia und
Orquesta juvenil de Camara de Bogotá. Er hat den Solisten Wettbewerb des Orquesta
Filarmonica de Cali und den Kammermusikwettbewerb des Banco de la Republica mit dem
Quartett Balzac gewonnen. Als Lehrer unterrichtete er bei Batuta.
Er spielt regelmässig mit dem Symphonieorchester Vorarlberg, der Sinfonietta Vorarlberg,
KV 2018, dem Orchesternverein Widnau und dem Orchester Liechtenstein Werdenberg.
Camilo spielt eine Geige des Geigenbauer Christopher Lee Luthi
Camilo Sánchez Gómez, Colombian national studying and playing in Feldkirch (Austria, AT),
Liechtenstein (FL) and Lucerne (Switzerland, CH)
Camilo began his studies with Fredy Muñoz Navarro in Colombia with Batuta, the national
orchestra system. He then continued with Antonia Kapitanova at the National Conservatory
of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá. In Europe he completed his studies at
the Vorarlberg State Conservatory Feldkirch (AT) with Editha Fetz in the concert discipline.
He is currently studying with Daniel Dodds at the Lucerne School of Music (CH).
During his studies in Colombia, he played in various orchestras such as Sinfonica nacional
de Colombia, Filarmonica de Bogota, Sinfonica de Bogotá. He was a member of the
Filarmonica Joven de Colombia and Orquesta juvenil de Camara de Bogotá. He has won
the Soloists Competition of the Orquesta Filarmonica de Cali and the Chamber Music
Competition of the Banco de la Republica with the Quartet Balzac and has taught with
He plays regularly with the Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg (AT), Sinfonietta Vorarlberg
(AT), KV 2018 (AT), Orchesterverein Widnau (CH) and the Orchestra LiechtensteinWerdenberg (FL/CH).
Camilo plays a violin made by the luthier Christopher Lee Luethi, Sevelen (CH).
Camilo comenzó sus estudios con Fredy Muñoz Navarro en Colombia con Batuta, el
sistema de orquesta nacional. Luego continuó con Antonia Kapitanova en el
Conservatorio Nacional de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia en Bogotá. En Europa
completó sus estudios en el Conservatorio Estatal de Vorarlberg Feldkirch (AT) con Editha
Fetz en la disciplina de Interpretación. Actualmente estudia con Daniel Dodds en la
Lucerne School of Music (CH).
Durante sus estudios en Colombia, participó en diversas orquestas como la Sinfonica
nacional de Colombia, Filarmonica de Bogota, Sinfonica de Bogotá. Fue miembro de la
Filarmónica Joven de Colombia y de la Orquesta juvenil de Cámara de Bogotá. Ha
ganado el Concurso de Solistas de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Cali y el Concurso de
Música de Cámara del Banco de la República con el Cuarteto Balzac y ha sido profesor
en el Sistema de orquestas Batuta.
Actualmente hace parte de la Orquesta Sinfónica de Vorarlberg (AT), Sinfonietta
Vorarlberg (AT), KV 2018 (AT), Orchesterverein Widnau (CH) y la Orquesta LiechtensteinWerdenberg (FL / CH).
Camilo toca un violín del luthier Christopher Lee Luethi, Sevelen (CH)


May 26, 2021 /Thursday/  

18.30 hours      Hall “M-ro G.Atanasov


                                                Conductor: Grigor Palikarov                                           

Soloist: Alessandro Marano


L. van Beethoven – Piano Concerto №4, G major, Op.58
W.A. Mozart – Symphony №41, “Jupiter”, in C major, K 551



Grigor Palikarov (born in 1971 in Plovdiv) graduated the National School of Music and Dance Art “Dobrin Petkov” – Plovdiv with the specialty of piano with excellent grades and golden badge award in 1990 and then he graduated the Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” in Sofia with Master’s degrees in four majors: Opera and Symphony Conducting under Acad. V. Kazandzhiev and Prov. Iv. Vulpe; Composition under Prof. D. Tapkov, Piano – under Prof. Kr. Taskov and Choir Conducting under Prof. St. Kralev. He specialized in Composition within two summer courses in Austria with Prof. Erich Urbaner from Vienna University of Musical and Performing Arts.

His debut at the opera stage was when he was still a student (at the age of 22) and conducted Rigoletto in the opera theatres in Pleven and Stara Zagora.

His professional career as a conductor began in the Symphonic Orchestra of the Bulgarian Army Ensemble (1995 – 1997) and from 1997 to 1999 he was Chief Conductor of the Ensemble. In the meantime, he also took the position of conductor and chief artistic director of the renowned Youth Philharmonic “Pioneer” (1998 – 2003). His debut at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre – Sofia was in 1998 when he conducted a Gala Concerto of Gena Dimitrova by her personal request. Since 2001 he was appointed fulltime conductor of the opera and currently his repertoire includes more than 55 opera and ballet works. Since season 2005-2006 Grigor Palikarov is also the Chief Artistic Director and Conductor of the Symphonic-Opera Society at the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” – Sofia.

At present, Grigor Palikarov is a frequent visiting conductor of a number of orchestras and opera theatres among which are: Symphonic Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio, Classic FM Orchestra – Sofia, of which he is also a permanent conductor since season 2008-2009, Sofia Philharmonic, Festival Orchestra – Sofia, the national Operas in Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Ruse and Stara Zagora, the Pleven Philharmonic, etc. A special place among his multiple conducting performances is occupied by the numerous studio records of various works with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio, along with his participations in prestigious national and international music festivals such as Sofia Music Weeks, March Music Days, Laureate Days “Katya Popova” – Pleven, Austrian Music Weeks, New Bulgarian Music, Winter Music Evenings – Pazardzhik, Opera and Ballet Festival – Varna, Contemporary Music Festival – Pula, Croatia, May Opera Nights – Skopje, Macedonia, Dyuni Festival – Matera, Italy, etc. In October 2014, Grigor Palikarov had two concertos with the orchestra of Classic FM Radio at the prestigious Alte Oper (Frankfurt am Mein) from the programme of the festival of European Culture Days organized by the European Central Bank.

Grigor Palikarov regularly performs abroad in countries like Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Russia, the USA, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, the Ukraine,  Taiwan, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Portugal, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Uruguay, etc. He has conducted the Royal Belgian Philharmonic – Brussels, the national Opera and Ballet – Ljubljana, Vienna Chamber Ensemble “New Tone”, Century Symphonic Orchestra – Taipei,   Cleveland Opera – the USA where his debut was marked as one of the most important music events for 2009 in the state of Ohio, the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet – Russia, Yanacek Philharmonic – Czech Republic, Czestohowa Philharmonic and Varmino-Masuric Philharmonic – Poland, Symphonic Orchestra – Bari, national Orchestra (SODRE) and the National Choir of Uruguay, Magna Grecia Orchestra – Italy, Dnepropetrovsk Philharmonic, Yucatan Symphonic Orchestra and Monterey Symphonic Orchestra – Mexico, Thessaloniki Symphonic Orchestra, and many others.

Along with his activity as a conductor, Grigor Palikarov composes, performs in concerto playing the piano and teaches at the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” where he successfully pursued his Ph.D. degree in Music Studies and Music Art in 2017. Some of his works are being performed at a number of festivals and have been recorded many times. He has won many national and international awards for his successful performance as a composer and pianist at the competitions “Svetosalv Obretenov”, “Albert Roussel”, The Music of the Earth, etc. Three-time laureate of the prestigious award Crystal Lyre of the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers – 2002, 2012, and 2017, as well as of the ward the Golden Feather. Within two mandates, Grigor Palikarov has been the Chair of Mensa-Bulgaria –  the branch of the worldwide organization of people with high IQ.

Alessandro Marano

The Italian pianist Alessandro Marano is one of the most brilliant musicians of his generation. At
the same time as studies in the Conservatory of Music “Stanislao Giacomantonio” of Cosenza with
Professor Giuseppe Maiorca, he attended the International Piano Courses in the “Paul Hindemith”
Foundation in Blonay (Switzerland) where he spent eight years studying with such internationally
renowned teachers and performers as Edith Fischer and Paul Badura-Skoda. He completed his
musical education studying with Aldo Ciccolini and Bruno Canino.
Being an award winner of a several national and international piano competition, Marano keeps a
busy concert schedule presenting solo recitals and collaborating with renowned musician and
Orchestra: Filarmonica “Mihail Jora” in Bacau, Arad State Philarmonic, Filarmonica Botosani,
Romania; Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra Bulgaria, Orkiestra Filharmonii Warminsko-Mazurskiej
in Olsztynie, Poland) all over Italy and abroad (Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Greece,
Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Great Britain, Poland).
Possessing a very solid piano technique, Marano is praised for his seriousness and sensitivity as
well as for the depth of his musical interpretations. One of Marano passions is his study and
performance of works by Liszt those less known. His repertory includes the 12 Etudes d’exécution
transcendante, the Harmonies poétiques et religieuses, the complete paraphrases and transcriptions
from Verdi’s and Wagner’s operas and the works for piano and orchestra.
Marano played under the baton of important conductors such as Ovidiu Balan, Grigor Palikarov,
Konstantin Ilievsky, Petronius Negrescu, Valentin Doni, Cristian Neagu, Piotr Sulkowski, Lyubomir
Denev Jr; he performed and recorded all the Beethoven Piano Concertos, adopting the transcription
for string orchestra by Vinzenz Lachner.
He is the Artistic Director of the Orchestra Sinfonica di Cosenza and of the International Piano
Festival in Cosenza (Italy), President of the cultural and musical Association Amici del pianoforte
“Franz Liszt”, piano Professor at the Conservatory of Music “F. Torrefranca” of Vibo Valentia.
His playing, as well as his musical intelligence and high motivation, has been greatly appreciated
by all the professors of the Hindemith Foundation. His talent merits most certainly developing
further in the best possible surroundings. We wish him the highest successes… Edith Fische