Part of the structure of Symphony-Operetta Orchestra Since 1-st of October 2005 by decision of the Municipal Council of Pazardzhik. „ m-ro G. Atanasov” – Pazardzhik became and the Representative Children’s Choir “m-ro G.Atanasov” – Pazardzhik.

The choir was founded in 1947 by Alexander Nachev. From 1972 to 2005 Chief Art Director is Slava Ruseva. Since the establishment more then 4,000 children were involved. Its performances are played on the international choral events in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Russia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. The choir has many awards and prizes at international choral competitions and festivals. In 1975 the choir received the title “Representative choir” laureate and winner with gold medals from many national festivals. The choir performs works from different periods and styles, contemporary music, Eastern Orthodox music and arrangements of Bulgarian folk songs. Since December 2005 the choir was named “Slava Ruseva”.