Since 15-th of Mart 2000 by decision of the Municipal Council of Pazardzhik, House of Culture was transformed into Symphonic-operetta orchestra “M-Ro G.Atanasov”, which includes in its structure symphony orchestra and opera theater.

Operetta Theatre at the symphonic-operetta orchestra “M-Ro G.Atanasov” – Pazardzhik is a successor of the traditions of the music union “M-Ro G.Atanasov” founded in 1920.

the date in which open doors .We do the preparation of the operetta ” Rose of the Balkans “.


It is the first regular concert:  Vladimir Nedkov conductor , soloist Krassimir Gatev ,program : Beethoven’s overture ” Coriolanus ” ; 5 Piano Concerto ; 5 symphony

First section of orchestra

George Koev – concertmaster, first violins: Svoboda Dimitrova, Krassimir Stoychev ,Dimitriq Gerdjikova, Anton Goranov, Iancho Yanchev .



Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra is one of the most interesting phenomena in our musical life. Creative inspiration and youthful enthusiasm concomitant any manifestation of this composition, a relatively short time proved that the path of great art no insurmountable obstacles “

Prof. Vasil Kazandjiev

Our History

The symphonic orchestra is created in 1969. From 1970 to 1992 his Art director was one of the most significant for Bulgarian culture figures – the composer, conductor, teacher, and a man with influence in public life and with numerous publications Professor Ivan Spasov. Thanks to him the institution has so fast proved itself on professional stage. He has also given the symphonic opera union rich, orientated towards different genders and styles politics. The orchestra performs classical musical composition as well as from contemporary Bulgarian composers and authors, some of them written especially for them. The orchestra’s mobility and its professional members are factors that attract many famous conductors and soloists from Bulgaria, foreign guests and young gifted people as well.

The orchestra has taken a part in ,,New Bulgarian Music” preview. It has implemented a string of tours in many Europeans countries and records in the Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgarian National Television, long-lasting plates, CD. A great admiration for the orchestra was the invitation for European Tour, received from the Austria Concert Direction ,,Shlote” to participate the following Operas: Trubadur” at the beginning of season 2003-2004; “Madame Butterfly” at the beginning of season 2004-2005 and “Rigoleto” at the beginning of season 2005-2006, with a glamorous success in Austria, Germany, Belgium , Switzerland, France, Norway, United Kingdom and Nederland.

Since the autumn of 2005 Chief Art Director and conductor is M-Ro Grigor Palikarov.

Part of the structure of Symphony-Operetta Orchestra Since 1-st of October 2005 by decision of the Municipal Council of Pazardzhik. „ m-ro G. Atanasov” – Pazardzhik became and the Representative Children’s Choir “m-ro G.Atanasov” – Pazardzhik.

The choir was founded in 1947 by Alexander Nachev. From 1972 to 2005 Chief Art Director was Slava Ruseva. Since the establishment more then 4,000 children were involved. The choir has had many tours in the country and abroad. The choir has had many awards and prizes at international choral competitions and festivals. In 1975 the choir received the title “Representative choir” laureate and winner with gold medals from many national festivals. Since December 2005 the choir was named “Slava Ruseva”.

Pictures from our concerts